Collection: Vanillas of the World® One-of-a-Kind Cured Barrels

As far as we know, these are the only vanilla-cured barrels on the planet. In late 2021/early 2022, we tapped a select number of our craft brewery customers to age their finest in these limited edition, toasted oak barrels for a good year to maximize vanillin content. We can't wait to taste the results!

Our barrels were developed in a joint collaboration with the R&D department of the largest whiskey barrel manufacturer in the USA. Their barrel toast levels bring out the maximum amount of vanilla notes for truly penultimate flavor and aroma.

We have found that when we age our pure vanilla extracts in one of these barrels, we lose slightly over one gallon of extract due to absorption. This means each barrel is soaking up an amazing amount of vanilla that translates into a super-charged incubator for your favorite stout or porter.

Some of our recent barrel releases include these compass points: Madagascar, Vanuatu, Ecuador, and Papua New Guinea.

Currently, we are preparing to condition our next batch of barrels with the premium pure vanilla extracts from Congo Planifolia and Mexico Planifolia.

Please email or call us to get on the waiting list!

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