Pure Vanilla Extract from Madagascar - jonesflavors.com

The rarest and most massive vanilla beans you probably will ever see.  Pompona vanilla is believed to be "the" original vanilla bean.  Due to the difficulty in procuring these beans that are grown in the San Martin region of Peru, we seldom are ever to keep them in stock.  They have a vanilla, raisin and fig aroma.  These monsters are plump and cured to perfection.

We produce very small batches of this most unique pure vanilla extract.

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • 190 Proof Sugar Cane Alcohol
  • Filtered Water
  • Extractives of Vanilla Beans
  • One whole Vanilla Bean
  • 375 ml. (12.68 oz.) liqueur bottle
  • Pour spout with lid
  • Individually serialized label noting country of origin
  • Wax sealed