Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Congo - jonesflavors.com

Grown on small plots by numerous independent farmers on the eastern border, these vanilla beans, contain some of the highest levels of vanillin we have ever seen.  High levels of vanillin will show themselves as small crystals on the exterior of the vanilla bean.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is perhaps one of the richest countries in natural resources and boasts an excellent vanilla growing climate, but sadly has been one of the most war torn areas in the world for decades.  It is because of the ongoing civil war there that we seek to support these hard working farmers in what should be a peaceful and prosperous country.

Our friend, from Uganda, helps to secure these very rare vanilla beans for us each year.

Growing elevation:  800-900 meters

Tasting notes:  classic sweet vanilla aroma with a subtle note of figs

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • Three whole Vanilla Beans
  • Planifolia variety
  • Glass Test Tube
  • Descriptive label noting Vanilla Bean country of origin