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Holding a vanilla bean still feels like a miracle to me. It's astonishing and a true wonder how this unique orchid’s fruit makes its way from small farms far, far away into my hands.

The journey takes almost two years and requires constant tending and a precise symphony of soil, sun, proper shade, rain, hand-pollinating (within a startlingly brief 6-hour window once a year), and a lengthy and complex curing/drying/fermentation process. 

I've been passionate about vanilla and have been working in the business for three decades. More recently, I have embarked on a path to pursue a closer connection to and an understanding of small-plot vanilla cultivation and the subsistence farmers making the finest vanilla in the world.

What I discovered beyond the phenomenal intricacies and beauties of vanilla cultivation are the people involved in growing and curing the fruit of this amazing orchid. In my travels, I have met many incredible local farmers, their families, and communities.

The sad truth, however, is that many if not most of the small-plot vanilla farmers are overlooked by the big vanilla extract producers and traders. This leaves some of the best vanilla in the world either under priced and/or entirely off the market which can be catastrophic to small farmers’ ability to thrive and build a future.

We exist to change that!

Vanillas of the World® is committed to prospering small-plot vanilla farmers in more places around the world than any other supplier. 

Whether you are an ice cream manufacturer, craft brewer, vanilla reseller, or weekend baker, thank you for allowing us to serve you and for your support of the world's greatest vanilla farmers.

Ted Jones | CEO, Vanillas of the World® and Jones & Co Vanillas Inc | ted@ted-jones.com