Pure Vanilla Extract from Tahiti - jonesflavors.com

Grown to the south of the Society Islands (think Tahiti), the small island nation of Cook Islands brings us the most intense Tahitensis vanilla we have ever experienced.  This small family vanilla plantation grows and cures all their own vanilla beans.  This pure vanilla extract is made in small batches in our facility. It is an entirely different species of vanilla bean called the Tahitensis, this vanilla is extremely rare and hard to come by. Less than 1% of all vanilla beans can claim Tahitensis status, so don’t be fooled by any imposters!  

Floral, delicate, fruity and subtle, pull out the Cook Islands Tahitensis vanilla for your favorite cookies, homemade vanilla ice cream and whatever else calls for vanilla!

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • 190 Proof Sugar Cane Alcohol
  • Filtered Water
  • Extractives of Vanilla Beans
  • One whole Vanilla Bean
  • 375 ml. (12.68 oz.) liqueur bottle
  • Pour spout with lid
  • Individually serialized label noting country of origin
  • Wax sealed