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Much like wine or coffee or chocolate, vanilla cultivation is both an art and a science requiring immeasurable devotion, wisdom, and care. At Jones & Company, it is our delight and honor to bring you the literal fruits of the labor of the most phenomenal farmers in the world.

Our 375 ml. specialty vanilla extract bottles, vanilla bean test tubes, and 500 ml. vanilla sugar jars offer you a rare opportunity to sample the highest quality vanilla and, at the same time, support local farmers who painstakingly grow these marvelous vanilla beans for us.

We cherish, support, help train, underwrite and encourage our partners who grow and cure for us. Through gifts, grants, field manuals, technical support, startup vanilla stock, and partnerships, we assist many trainers, growers, and curers in such far-flung places as: 

  • Africa – Cameroon, Liberia, and Uganda
  • Fiji – Remote outer islands
  • Papua New Guinea

With more regions coming soon:

  • Central America
  • Comoros Islands
  • Sri Lanka
  • Indonesia
  • China

Our goal is to give small growers and curers—in remote growing regions that produce small yields but high-quality vanilla beans—a reliable and prosperous marketplace to sell their harvest and thus provide income and stability for their families and communities.

Normally, these smaller plot growers have limited access to traders and extractors due to low volumes. As a result, their beans often may not make it to market, and if they do, rarely achieve fair market pricing.

Your purchases change that and allow us to showcase their ongoing labor of love. 

Ten percent of our specialty vanillas of the world net proceeds go to support our grower/curer/trainer worldwide networks.