Vanillas of the World® Farmers and Curers

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Milika and her team sorting and curing vanilla beans in Suva, Fiji

Much like wine, coffee or chocolate, vanilla cultivation is both an art and a science requiring immeasurable devotion, wisdom, and care. It is with much admiration and delight that we introduce you to the most phenomenal vanilla farmers in the world.

Thanks to their painstaking work, you have the rare opportunity to enjoy the best vanilla the world has to offer AND support their sustainable farming communities. 

Livai in his Fiji vanilla nursery

Typically these smaller plot growers have limited access to traders and extractors due to their remote locations and low volumes. As a result, their harvests often may not make it to market, and if they do, rarely achieve fair market pricing.

Ului checking one of many of his vanilla vines

Vanillas of the World® provides small growers and curers—in remote growing regions that produce small yields but the very highest quality beans—a reliable and prosperous marketplace and thus a steady income and greater stability for their families and farms.

Chris and his team with packaged and graded Vanuatu beans ready for market

In addition to firm commitments to purchase, we provide one-time or ongoing financial and/or technical support such as: startup vanilla nursery stock, onsite or third-party training, and gratis copies of the Vanilla Handbook (the vanilla grower's bible) by Piero Bianchessi.

We have provided support to growers/curers in: Africa – Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda; Brazil; Cambodia; Fiji – Vanua Levu, Taveuni, Viti Levu, and a few remote outer islands; Philippines; Brunei; Tonga; and the United States – Florida and Hawaii.

Photos below from our New Caledonia-based partner Julien Pascal who has thousands of vines sprinkled across this stunning and remote Pacific archipelago thanks to his partnerships with a constellation of family growers who tend and cure some of the most superlative vanilla you will find anywhere.

Below: Outtakes from Teddy's time working on the plantation of our grower in Tonga, including attending a Royal Agricultural Show and meeting His Majesty King Tupou VI of Tonga!