Friends. We all need them and love them and the folks below are no exception! We can't say enough good things about the talents behind these test kitchens, blogs, shops, and websites. You will learn, laugh, bake, blend, cook, concoct, shop and eat oh so well alongside these gifted, fun people and love every minute.

Meet JOY!


Joy the Baker - Joy is always a guaranteed day brightener! A California transplant--now based minutes from the French Quarter in New Orleans--Joy is a self-taught baker, turned professional baker, turned food photographer, and three-time cookbook author. Her hilarious and expert commentary, "worth a thousand words" images, and wonderful recipes are not to be missed. And, not that you need an excuse to head to the Big Easy, but Joy's Bakehouse space for classes, workshops and private parties is a great way to immerse yourself in the joy and genius of Joy! 


The store you'll never want to leave and the pastries you can't resist thanks to the LeDucs!

Mazama Store - The Mazama Store is the best provisioning outpost in the North Cascades. Helmed with heart and deep community ties by Missy and Rick LeDuc, this local coffee shop, grocery store, gas station, wine shop, bakery and neighborhood hub has "a little bit of everything good." By 0700, their cases and front counter are stocked full of tempting artisan pastries, rustic loaves, and addictive Sel de Mer baguettes. In the afternoon, the aroma of fresh-baked pies and rich chocolate brownies lure you to savor yet more indescribably delicious treats. If you are anywhere near the state of Washington, beeline to this Northwest favorite now! If you are a local, you already know to bookmark this page for seasonal and holiday must-haves.


Fran's: Chocolate at its absolute best

Fran’s Chocolates is a Northwest institution and proprietress Fran Bigelow is a sweets artist and master chocolatier. Her love of chocolate is intense, and her pursuit of the extraordinary is evident. A feast for all your senses, Fran’s award-winning chocolates are sublime and the hand packaging of her confections is almost as sumptuously swoon-worthy. Get thee to her website or one of her lovely boutique shops for a taste beyond heaven.