Vanillas of the World® - Wholesale

Jones & Co Vanillas Inc, Vanillas of the World® can help you source wholesale Organic and Conventional Vanillas, Flavors and Powders. A complete line of natural flavors is also available in liquid or powder form.


Our inventory at our Southern Idaho headquarters is extensive. Should you decide to do business with us, we have the ability to stock your favorite items and ship them to you via your preferred freight carrier within 24-48 hours.

Let us be your offsite vanilla and flavor purchasing department and storage facility; sourcing the finest unique vanillas and flavors from around the world and shipping to your doorstep.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us directly for further details.

Wholesale Pricing - Criteria

Your unique needs are important to us and we customize your pricing to provide the most outstanding quality product at the best possible price. As our wholesale relationship develops, we reward loyal customers with more favorable advantages.

Here are the four criteria we use to determine your pricing:

  • Volume - plain and simple this is a big determining factor
  • Payment History - paying consistently on time
  • Loyalty - how long and how consistently someone has purchased from us
  • Paperwork Compliance - how much documentation is required from us

All four of these form a pricing matrix that determines your pricing and all have equal weight. Hitting 3 of 4 of these will land you at our lowest pricing. We have some customers that are rather small but have been with us for over 20+ years and receive pricing that is equivalent to that of our largest customers. In addition, those customers that meet 3 of the 4 criteria, will be given preference in order fulfillment. We deeply value our customers and strive to exceed expectations and delivery targets. 

Thank you so much for trusting us with your vanilla and flavoring needs.


Two of the craziest uses of flavors that I have seen in the past 25 years -

  • Vanilla Powder used in cattle feed to improve the taste.
  • Using Peppermint Extract in a steam boiler system to find leaks.

For wholesale inquiries please contact:

Ted Jones

208.832.8030 cell | voicemail