Vanillas of the World Collection -
This limited edition Jones & Company "Around the World Collection" is a curated assortment of artisanal vanilla ingredients packaged in a beautiful, durable gift box.

The handcrafted Collection includes two sublime sugars (one pound each), two extraordinary extracts (both in beautiful custom 375 ML bottles that would stand out in any kitchen), three vanilla beans nested in a test tube, and a colorful, comfy, washable botanical apron.

Not only is this a gift that will gobsmack and delight your friends, family, customers, or work colleagues; but, perhaps even more importantly, you are "doing good" by supporting our constellation of small-plot farmers around the globe when you purchase this one-of-a-kind Collection.

About Us

Jones & Company is a small but mighty, environmentally- and socially-conscious purveyor of hand-crafted, world-class vanilla. Our vanilla comes to you direct from the source, not through corporate chains or mega plantations.

There are bigger, more established vanilla suppliers out there, but we care deeply about sustaining our small-plot farmers and curers around the globe.

By baking with Jones & Company vanilla, YOU are supporting subsistence farming communities and helping us reseed 10% of our net profits back to the farmers and their families.