VOTW Flavor Library Collection - Baker's and Chef's Extracts - jonesflavors.com

Would you like to send a glorious and absolutely one of a kind array of flavor extracts to a special baking friend or some culinary kin?

Or, maybe, YOU would love to swap out those old bottles in your cupboard with these premium-quality (not imitation) flavor extracts?

Either way, recipient joy is guaranteed with this limited edition Jones & Company "Flavor Library Collection" packaged in a great-looking gift box and nesting six 375 ML extracts in beautiful glass bottles.

Whether you are crafting beer, chocolates, cocktails, ice cream, or baked goods all of these flavors will take your creations to another level.

The Jones & Company "Flavor Library Collection" includes:

Vanilla - What can't you make sing with a splash of vanilla? From lattes to smoothies, from sauces to marinades, and of course anything in a baking mixing bowl is a great home for our exceptional quality vanilla.

Pure Peppermint Extract - Stir this refreshing kick into hot chocolate and cocktails, add to brownie and candy recipes, your ice cream maker, milkshakes, or whatever calls for a brisk blast. This flavor provides the nostalgic wintery fresh taste you crave.

Rum - Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of this! Foodie pirates and savvy chefs know that there are certain savory dishes, baked goods (tiramisu), puddings, eggnog and other delights that call for Rum flavor. Make sure your galley is stocked!

Maple - Tired of paying sky-high prices for real maple syrup? Why not create your own using our simple syrup recipe flavored with our real maple flavor and your favorite Jones & Company Pure Vanilla Extract.

Orange - Oh the glorious smell of a just-peeled orange on your hands! Open a bottle of this aromatic extract and swirl a drop or two in your Greek yogurt. Splash some in your BBQ sauce, stir fry concoctions or soups. Or, liven up your cupcake and waffle batters.

Lemon - Like walking on sunshine! This extract is a super versatile and zesty enhancement to that chicken or seafood dish, icings, cakes, and cookies. Or, whatever else calls for luscious lemony lemon!