Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Vanuatu - jonesflavors.com

Grown on numerous of the most southern islands of the Vanuatu archipelago in the South Pacific Ocean, these wonderful, supple, and extremely rare vanilla beans are true treasures. Piero Bianchessi, a legend in the vanilla world and the author of the Vanilla Handbook, trained the grower group on this island nation. Once picked, these beans are sent to the island of Espiritu Santo for curing. The curers there were also trained by Piero which is why these beans are superior in every way to any other!

Growing elevation: 100-800 meters

Tasting notes:  sweet, rich and powerful vanilla aroma with subtle notes of nutmeg and ginger

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • Three whole Vanilla Beans
  • Planifolia variety
  • Glass Test Tube
  • Descriptive label noting Vanilla Bean country of origin