Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Fiji
Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Fiji Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Fiji

There are a number of farmers located in the verdant hills of the main island of Viti Levu near Fiji’s capital city Suva. Formerly a British colonial era banana and coffee plantation region, it produces Fiji’s most premium vanilla. 

You can thank our good friends Lui and Andrew for the outstanding quality of these beans. In addition to growing vanilla, Lui now oversees a large farmer’s network in on Viti Levu and provides almost all the transplant stock for the entire island! 

When the vanilla beans are fully ripened Andrew, Fiji’s resident vanilla expert,  drives out from Suva, picks up the beans and oversees the long and complex curing process with absolute mastery. The results are vanilla beans that are truly Fiji’s rarest and finest. We eagerly look forward to our shipment each fall. 

Viti Levu vanilla is light in color and rich in flavor. It really shines in savory dishes (fish and poultry especially).

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • Three whole Vanilla Beans
  • Glass Test Tube
  • Descriptive label noting Vanilla Bean country of origin