Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Cook Islands - Tahitensis - jonesflavors.com

These are the very finest Tahitensis vanilla beans we have ever seen!

From one of the most remote areas of the world - these Cook Island vanilla beans are plump, fragrant, and the Tahitensis variety.  Grown and cured on the island Rarotonga.

Rarotonga is the largest of the Cook Islands, a nation of 19 islands in the central South Pacific. The Islands are located due south of French Polynesia. Volcanic peaks, ridges, and rainforest dominate its interior.

This island nation produces some very high-quality Tahitensis variety vanilla, similar to its neighbor, Tahiti to the north.

Growing elevation: 10-20 meters

Tasting notes:  deep fragrant vanilla aroma with floral, dry cherries and anise notes

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • TWO whole Vanilla Beans
  • Tahitensis variety
  • Glass Test Tube
  • Descriptive label noting Vanilla Bean country of origin