Gourmet Vanilla Beans from Tahiti - jonesflavors.com

Grown in the Society Islands of the South Pacific, this is the real thing—Tahitian vanilla. An entirely different species of vanilla bean called the Tahitensis, this vanilla is extremely rare and hard to come by. Less than 1% of all vanilla beans can claim Tahitensis status, so don’t be fooled by the imposters!  

Floral, delicate, fruity and subtle, pull out the Tahitian vanilla for your signature dishes. It should be your “go-to” for fabulous crème brûlée, custards and French vanilla ice cream. It is also sensational blended with any of our other vanillas. It adds further complexity and marvelous flavor.

Growing elevation:

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • Three whole Vanilla Beans
  • Tahitensis variety
  • Glass Test Tube
  • Descriptive label noting Vanilla Bean country of origin