Pure Vanilla Extract from Tanzania - jonesflavors.com

Grown on small plots by numerous independent farmers, the vanilla beans used in this extract, are fabulous and are extremely rich in flavor. Thankfully, Tanzania shares a border with Uganda.  It has similar climate and soil conditions.  This results in our being able to bring to market vanilla from yet another country.

Our friend Tim, who does all the curing in his facility just outside the capitol city of Uganda, is able to cure these Tanzanian vanilla beans in his same facility.  Thereby, supporting many more farming families in addition to his Ugandan farmers. 

When you have a recipe calling for vanilla - simply add this wonderful full flavored Tanzanian pure vanilla extract.

Ingredients / Pack Size

  • 190 Proof Sugar Cane Alcohol
  • Filtered Water
  • Extractives of Vanilla Beans
  • One whole Vanilla Bean
  • 375 ml. (12.68 oz.) liqueur bottle
  • Pour spout with lid
  • Individually serialized label noting country of origin
  • Wax sealed