The Vanilla Handbook by Piero Bianchessi -

The Vanilla Handbook is vanilla expert Piero Bianchessi's magnum opus. This is truly the vanilla farmer's bible: the ultimate and complete field manual for vanilla planting, growing, harvesting and curing.

A must-have for anyone associated with the vanilla business, this is THE step-by-step photographic guide on what to do, how to do it, what to look for, and what to avoid. The Vanilla Handbook is spiral bound with waterproof pages and provides photo documentation that translates well to any language group worldwide. 

Conceived as a simple text with a large number of self-explanatory illustrations, The Vanilla Handbook provides an excellent, easy-to-follow guide for farmers starting out in the industry and in regions where vanilla is not already well established as a crop. Vanilla is not a difficult crop – it is a different crop. For example, vanilla is an orchid, with unusual root needs, it does not flower every year in certain latitudes, while curing vanilla is complex and time consuming. Nonetheless, farmers who are willing to understand the crop differences can develop a successful, highly profitable business.

Provided they have the correct information and advice, a properly maintained, small vanilla plot has the potential to supply a good yearly income. With its clear lay out, and countless drawings, photographs and step-by-step illustrations ‘spelling out’ the processes, this handbook is the ideal source of such information.

The guide covers history and definitions, cultivation and curing techniques, along with a section on diseases and pests. For those who would like to find out more, there is a good bibliography and appendices on topics such as the vanilla market, frequently asked questions and most common farming and curing mistakes.